On-page SEO

On-page Optimization

On-page optimization is also referred to as On-page SEO which measures are to be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings.

It also contains the addition of high-quality content, optimizing the title and the subheading used in the article, HTML tags and images. It also means you have to make sure that your website should have an upper level of expertise, authority and trustworthiness.

On-page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is defined as the way which helps the website to improve its ranking on the search engine results page like Google or Bing. Off-page optimization basically deals in link building for SEO.

Off-page SEO is a long term and time-consuming process. It includes acquiring backlinks to your webpage from authority sites, social media and etc. Off-page factors work in the background of the website to improve the search rankings of the content.

How to use On-page optimization?

You need to use the SEO keywords in the website to rank it in Google. Before creating any SEO content you have to remember that you need to remember four things that you need to master-

1.Be relevant- Being relevant is the most crucial and important part of On-page SEO. As many people search thousands of things on Google, it always tries to show those content that has all the types of most valued keywords and the content is relevant with silly grammar mistakes and no plagiarism. There are three C’s in the search intent-

  • Content-Type
  • Content Format
  • Content Angle

2.Be thorough- You have to target the common SEO keywords and the heading which are used in many articles. Think if you writing an article about dogs, you have to make sure that you are covering the basic three C’s in the article and moreover using the relevant keywords.

3.Be unique– You would be asking that if I want to write on a particular topic then many people had already written on that topic and you could just copy and paste it. Well, this is not the right thing that you should do because then the topic will not be plagiarism free and you might get a copyright issue.

Google goes through each and every article and then shows it to the users to allow them to see the content. If it seems that any of the articles are copied from the other article then it will not only rank your website but it will also put your website on the blacklist, which nobody wants to happen.

4.Be clear- You have to make your article look clean and presentable, for doing this you need to use bullets, descriptive heading, images to show, simple and easy words for people to understand and work on it, short sentences and paragraphs to not make it look boring and use the large font to avoid the straining of eyes.

SEO On-page optimization


Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing web pages and their content to be easily displayed in the search engines.

SEO is important because it will only help

  • Google to search the pages that contain high quality and relevant information that the searcher is searching.
  • Google algorithm is reading the website’s content and evaluate what the searcher is searching based upon the keywords and the other factors
  • It also determines the quality of the website by the link’s profile- the number and the quality of the website.

SEO Keywords

Keywords are the most used and important factor in the website. There are many things that are included in the factors. The factors that are determining in the performance of your website are-

  • Search Volume- The keyword which is used by how many people and how it will reach the potential audience.
  • Relevance- Connection that is between the content of the site and the user’s search query.
  • Competition- It is competition that how much amount of traffic it will dive with the help of the keywords.

Why On-page optimization is important?

On-page optimization is needed as it will allows the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing will understand your website and its content and it will display to the searcher according to the keywords of the searcher.

However, most of the searches are done on Google, many experts say that the algorithm of Google is much harder but now it much better as it understands what the searchers are searching for and not it immediately meets the content which the searcher’s search.

Use On-page optimization for your website

As you have understood that how SEO is important for your website now you have put effort on your website to rank it in the search engines. Lets us look at these 10 points-


EAT stand for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness which is the framework or the algorithm of Google which rates the content creators, web pages and websites as a whole.

You know that Google loves to show the premium and high quality content rather low quality content. It is advisable to use high-quality content to get as much as visibility to get a better ranking.

Title Tag

The Title tag is the Head Section of each page that provides the clue of the content on what topic it is written on the respective site. It is a prominent feature of the page because the site will be clicked by the Title Tag that the user will see.

It is advisable that the missing, duplicate, and poorly written title tags can negatively impact the SEO results, so to make sure you are optimizing the Title tag, so that it could result in the top of the searcher.

Meta Description

Meta Description is the description that provides the description of the content underneath the title tag.

Meta Description will not help in ranking the website but it can improve the

  • Click through Rate (CTR)
  • Quality of the content of the article
  • Service your website offers


We know that when we search something we use keywords and the search shows us the content using the same keywords. You have to use these types of headlines that makes the user click the website. It should have a sparkling interest that entices the users to click and continue read the rest of the content, which helps the website to gain popularity.

Header Tags

It is the headers that are used in the articles. They serve your content in the most important manner making the content easier and enjoyable for the users to read. It also provides us with rich keywords for the search engines.

SEO Content

It is the strategy to write the content in the website. We have to write the articles in such a manner that all the searched keywords are filled in the content. Remember Google only ranks the content that is of high quality, substantial and relevant.


You have to target the keywords which are trendy and are being searched by a majority of the audience. The n you have to know the volume of the keyword.

Content Audit

Auditing the content will help you evaluate the existing content and allows it to achieve the goal. It also identify the information in the content and determine what type of content you are working of.


Adding images helps you to optimize the webpage, but it might slow down the web pages. But you should inset the pictures as it will help to support your content and use descriptive title and readable font size.

User Engagement

It is the most important and crucial part as after doing so much for the website you need to represent it to the user. The more the user visits your website the more engagement is done. To increase user engagement, focus on aspects such as the website’s speed, the user experience of the searcher, and content optimization or the publication of the content.

On-page optimization techniques

The techniques which are used on On-page SEO is-

  • Publish high-quality content.
  • Optimize page titles and meta descriptions.
  • Optimize page content.
  • Headings and content formatting.
  • SEO Images and other multimedia elements.
  • URL optimization.
  • Internal links.
  • External links.
  • Loading of Page speed
  • Should be Mobile Friendliness