What is SEO

Running a business online to get potential clients in 2021 is extremely difficult as we all know that our competition is not with the local vendors or the city’s markets. We are competing in the rat race around the globe. As worldwide shipping’s are available by many sellers throughout the world, it isn’t easy to get a hold on customers and make them last forever. It is crucial that you show how your website is unique and add value to the visitor. You need to have traffic on your website to drive sales and advertisers to your websites without exploiting the website’s potential.

After hearing these things, you would be worried about how I can solve the problems I face in this situation? Don’t worry; you need an SEO consultant, a person who knows how to bring to your company the visibility he deserves and needs to achieve success. But who is the SEO consultant? What does he do? And why do you desperately need it, without perhaps even knowing it?

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO works on an algorithm where the search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo use bots to crawl pages on the web, going from site to site to collect information and put them into an index. The other algorithms will analyze the index pages, considering hundreds of ranking factors and determining the pages’ order and letting them appear in the search results. 

SEO consultant 

SEO consultant does what is needed to bring the website on top of the search. The SEO consultant does the required optimizations to enhance the website for better ranking. He works on the keywords you choose and optimize the website better for the chosen keywords. SEO consultant takes care of adding analytics, tracking keywords and indexing pages to the search engine. An SEO consultant is a professional who has spent years and years studying and testing new techniques to improve the positioning of websites, blogs in short your business keeping himself updated on the evolution of algorithms, to offer a practical and updated service to his customers.

SEO important for digital marketing

If you have a business online via a website or through a digital store, you know it very well that you are having a tough competition with the other sellers worldwide. It would be best to understand that SEO is needed in digital marketing to improve the website’s overall searchability, visibility, and service.


Reasons why SEO is important for all fields – 

Organic Search 

 As you know, organic search is one of the critical components for the seller because it will never engage or have a conversion. You would have already known that Google holds a significantly higher portion of the search other than Bing or Yahoo. The search engine contributes to the brand’s visibility, and that’s why everyone wants to be on the top rank of Google as it has 75% of the overall search market.

 SEO build Trust and Credibility 

It is one feature that we think people would search for our products like Google or Microsoft. But as we know, it is impossible to build in overnight in real life. For that trust and credibility of the brand, You need an experienced SEO that makes your website easily discoverable and useful. 

A better User Experience – 

We always want organic rankings and maximum visibility but little we forget about user experience. A user experience is an experience that the user feels about the website’s performance, the digital service, the actual product, and getting or holding that customer forever. We need to have a quality SEO that incorporates positive user experience and leverage to work in the brand’s favour. The intention is to offer information within a few clicks or a few seconds. 

Long term Strategy 

 As you know that the market is already too much saturated and is getting more saturated even more. But SEO helps you to survive in the crowd without throwing you out of the race. What you need to know is, Keeping yourself updated. Adding new contents is more import. Every trend comes to an end to enable the recent trends in the market.

 SEO brings new Opportunities 

High-quality SEO brings discovery and leverages new opportunities for the brands and websites to shine. It wakes up thinking about giving greater visibility to a website and falling asleep thinking about the same thing. It needs a lot of skills, passion, and commitment to design the best SEO strategy for client companies, always keeping an ear to network users and his clients’ needs. 

SEO for Business

As you have read the blog above, you have an idea of how is the market online. It is widely crowded and has become much denser. You can find that similar products are by thousands of sellers, which is crucial because getting customers becomes difficult. You might be thinking, how can SEO help you in your business? Well, SEO won’t be able to help to have control over your customers, getting the best reviews on your products. But it will help you hold the position of number 1 for the longest time if your strategies are working. 

Here the examples where SEO can benefit the businessmen and industries- 

SEO for Manufacturers

SEO helps you with meaningful keyword and with those keywords you can use in your SEO strategy. It will help the customers to navigate your faster and easier. This is a positive way of searching signals and boosting your rank. It helps them grow in other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.  You can even build page optimization with SEO and reach qualified customers and make them your permanent source of income.

SEO for Healthcare

Thanks to the internet people can reach the top-notch doctors at the comfort of their house. Yes, you heard it right. Before getting surgery or any type of appointment, people start searching for doctors according to their needs or disease. SEO helps you to give you a position in Google. Patients can search with the help of keywords and can easily find and contact you.

A strong healthcare SEO agency strategy requires an investment of time, money, or both, to get your website found on page #1 on search engines. SEO requires relentless focus and comprehensive efforts from your Healthcare SEO agency.

SEO for Retail

SEO helps us to navigate the shopper and the products. You might know that around 80% of people search for the product before buying it and then purchase it. SEO helps you to transfer customers to the particular product they are looking and with this way SEO optimizes your website and boosts your ranks in search engines. SEO helps you with relevant keywords or products, produce more pages, create shareable content with others and optimize your images of the product.

SEO for Home Service

As everything is online, you would be surprised to know that around 90% of the public search for home services. Think of it. It is the majority of people who can come to your website. If you don’t rank on the first page of Google, you can understand that you would be losing multiple traffic, leads, and sales in the competition. SEO would help you find the top three competitors, identify the sales-driving search terms and keywords in your market area and industry. It will help you establish revenue goals with SEO plans.


If you have an HVAC company then you would know that around 97% of consumers search you online and 55% of the searches click the first three websites. SEO helps you improve keywords ranking on Google and other search engines. It would help you generate more traffic, and fill up your sales with high quality leads from your service area. It helps you to market your products online and have a brand name.

Selling Digital Products.

SEO helps you to sell those digital products like courses, ebooks, or any other things. Think of Apple, they sell things with the help of keywords. People don’t remember any name of the products but Apple has a good grip on searched keywords which help them dive customers even if they have to buy that product at a higher price.

You would think that selling online is easy. Well no, it is that difficult because you need to have trust with the brand and the customer. No people would ever like to get scammed, people are beware before buying any products from the sellers. If you think that only business needs SEO, then you are wrong! Your website also needs SEO to help you showcase things that you need to sell or attract customers.

SEO depends on the factors for websites – 

You have to keep in mind that you cannot rank a website without the help of good and ranking keywords. For that, you have to understand SEO and how it works. Google searches that how many people are using the keywords and how many people are using it and in that manner, they will rank the keywords.

The website stage should be in the growth process.

SEO helps the customers to navigate your website and your service or products. It is like an investment, you can’t get the return at once but when it starts yielding the return then there is no way of going back. It helps to analyze the data that you are working on it and make sure that your website is thriving.

Visitors are visiting the website.

You can have a look at how many people are visiting your website daily and monthly with the help of google analytic setup. It helps you to analyze that how many people are looking for your website. You can trace that how many of them are visiting from outsides like Facebook or Instagram. It helps you to generate leads and in this way, visitors can understand your brand. You would need to work on the marketing funnel to dive into as many people as possible.

What keywords are used to rank the website?

Before using any keyword you need to search keywords. You need to know that how much is the competition in the keyword and what is the value of the keywords. Many websites help you to search the volume of the keyword. Then choose the keyword which is relevant to your business and website and even check the competition.

Amount of competition on that particular keyword.

When you search keywords you have seen how much is the volume of the keywords and how many people search it. To strength the sales funnel, you need to sharpen your message and content that you are delivering to the people. The click rates should be high otherwise Google will not consider you.

The site should not be under Google penalty.

As Google algorithm is changing always and for this reason you have to keep in mind that you have to work on the latest trends and not of the older ones. There are enough reasons why google penalizes an account. It can due to copyright issues or copying the content. Using only keywords and footer links etc.

SEO for Hospitals

SEO for healthcare or the healthcare industry. You need unique content for your sites in the authoritative healthcare field. You would need to highlight the words and the doctors. As people search for many things on the internet, they even book appointments with doctors online. The SEO keywords can lead to generate engagement and attract customers. You need to target keywords which has a history of sparking conversion and create a content strategy.

People will discover your sites based on your keywords, and then your site will be ranked higher in SERP(Search Engine Results Page). Your website should be responsive (Mobile friendly) and loads faster on a slow network connection. A survey found that around 44% of the scheduled appointment are being done on mobiles. Also, you need your website to be ranked by google on mobile to get better engagement.


Now you understand, How SEO works. It’s better to have an SEO consultant to rank your keywords on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Next, you need to be consistent with your website; you need to post regularly to get on the higher rank of Google. People avoid clicking on the sponsored ads article and go for organic results. Remember that very few or rare people go to the next page of the google search, so you need to have a great strategy and team to handle it.