Writing SEO friendly article

Ways of writing SEO friendly articles

Writing SEO friendly content is the important thing as it optimizes both the search engines and the users. However, creating an SEO friendly article often requires time and efforts. If you have not searched the topic properly then the result will worsen down.

There are rules to get your content to rank better in search engines. Here are some of the SEO rules and tips-

1) Carrying out the keyword research

  • Writing an SEO article would be easy if you find the right and dominating keyword. If you use those keywords which the user is not searching, then your content will never be able to rank itself. But before choosing the right keyword you need to keep specific things in your mind.
  • Don’t waste your time on the wrong keywords. It will cost you severely.
  • Understand the keywords and then use them.
  • Check if your competitors are using that keyword.
  • Focus on those keywords which have more volume and less competition. You can go through long-tail keyword.


2) Structure your content

  • If you want to create great content, then follow the solid structure.
  • First, identify the main part of your post.
  • Then divide the part into several other headings. It will help you to write easier and
  • Then, organize your thoughts on their individual part.
  • Remember to include introduction, body and conclusion on every part, to make it look more attractive.
  • Always use paragraphs, try to write at least 5-8 lines in each paragraph.
  • Showcase your personality with your content and have interaction with your audience.
  • End your content with a strong call to action with people to take the desired action.

3) Write Catchy Titles

  • Before ever reading the article your title will be judged as it will be the first impression. The audience will only open the article if they find the heading or the title is catchy. Try using some targeted keywords, keep it under 60 characters and not more than that because no one will read it.
  • Make sure that your article is based upon your title otherwise your website or blog will be blocked because of being irrelevant.

4) Heading Tags

  • As discussed in the beginning, you need to divide the part into several other parts to allow the reader to gain more specific knowledge and you would get more to write on the topic.
  • Well in each part you need a heading. Try using the heading from H1 to H7 as it will give a clear view of the subpart and many more. Use relevant tags and don’t mislead the readers by giving the same information twice. It will lead a bad impression and you might rank down in the search engines.

5) Optimizing the Meta Description and Images

  • The meta description is the summary that is shown by Google beneath your title in the search results. It is the most important thing because the user will read from it and will decide whether to open your website or not.
  • The Meta description explains what’s inside your article, you can say me that it gives a preview from the above. It should be between 155 to 160 characters. So try using the targeted words, keywords to attract the users.
  • If you add and optimize the images in your article it will be a great way of improving the reader’s experience and moreover, they can understand your text more clearly.
  • As google cannot read the pictures but they can intepert the context of the image. So you need to use proper Alt text and descriptive titles, captions and file names.
  • Read more about it in this

What is SEO friendly content?

  • SEO refers to the search engine optimization at the process of optimizing a website so that people could easily find it via the search engines like google, yahoo or Bing.
  • To create SEO content you need to read our blog “SEO”. If you haven’t read it properly then I am going to give you a brief explanation of it.
  • In every SEO article, you need to search for keywords, so that it would generate enough traffic. Writing just on the niches and topics would be any good for you. Then you need to know the value of the keywords, which means the volume and the maximum searches. Later, you need to post the creation on any social media platform to gain a maximum audience and then promote your creation to gain extra followers.
  • Always try to publish or write those content that is trendy or have some influence on it. Remember, content is the king and SEO is a palace. A king always needs to be in the palace to rule the kingdom.

There are some types of Content you can create with the help of SEO-

  • Articles
  • Lists
  • Guides
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Slideshows
  • Glossaries
  • Directories
  • Booklets
  • Blogs
  • Emails

SEO friendly checker

If you want SEO friendly content then please you have to list down these necessary tools for your content. It is a hassle-free process and can save up much of your time and energy. By using these you will come up writing great and unique content.

The tools are-

1. If you want to decide on a topic try using Buzzsumo

  • This tool allows you to find the most shared content on any topic.
  • It makes sure that your ideas is similar to the interest of the people.
  • You need to take care that the same topic or the idea is not death or expired. You need to write comprehensive and addicting content to draw content.
  • You should know your competitor and know what type of content they provide. Try to create a similar type of content without actually copying it.
  • Share your article as much as possible on the social media platform to gain an audience and viewers.
  • It even shows you how much is the engagement rate in every website or blogs

2.  Keyword research, competitor’s top article

  • You will need a keyword researcher tool to find the new and efficient keywords. You can use Serpstat. This tool helps you with features like to search keyword which is common among the audience and brands. This keyword brings down all the primary keywords which you are searching.

Competitor’s Article

  • You will have competitors in every field. Don’t get offended if they write good or unique content. Try to know your competitors in this field and understand which type of content they are writing like posting it.
  • The more you understand their work, the more it will help you write better content.

Article Structure

  • When you start writing articles always follow a structure of introduction, body, reviews and conclusion. Try to write in small paragraphs because the audience tends to avoid long paragraphs because it is boring.
  • Write in simple and easily readable language because no people will use a dictionary to understand the hard terms.
  • Also, try to check the answers from the platforms like Quora, Google and Reddit to discover more valuable content. It will give more knowledge about the particular niche and topic.

3.  Check Grammar, Spelling and Plagiarism

  • Great content needs great grammar. You can write the most unique content but it will not attract an audience if the blog will have grammar mistakes.
  • Every people would need those types of articles which is plagiarism (copying other’s content) free, spelling free and grammar mistakes. You can use tools like Grammarly for checking spelling and syntax mistakes.
  • Check the plagiarism and know the uniqueness of the article. You can use this website that is Duplichecker, this tool helps you to give a report of your content and the plagiarized content.

4.  Write short, clear and easy to read sentences.

As it has been advised you always need your paragraphs to be short and precise. But if you feel that you cannot make it short, try using Hemingway App. This tool will help you write short, direct and have a clear viewpoint and language.

This tool will point out the specific mistakes that your article has and would colour code it explaining the mistake. With the help of this tool, you can create better content with better heading lines.

Remember, not to rely on it always. If you feel that your sentence is long and better, then you can skip it always.

5.  Avoid keyword stuffing and possible penalization.

It is advisable to use the keywords in the articles but it is also advisable not to stuff your articles with keywords only. For this stuffing, your website will be penalized and will be put into the block list.

To maintain the website for optimizing use the keywords and the sentences in the correct format.

Creating strategy

After creating content, you need a strategy to let it be visible to the audience. Always remember, that the market is very saturated, if you are not dedicated to your work, someone else will occupy it.

In this part, we will elaborate on some of the tips to take care of in creating your strategy. Here are the tips and try to follow each one to get the better results-

1.Defining your topic area

As you were creating the niche and the website try to make your audience understand what your website offers? What type of knowledge would they gain if they give their time to that article or the blog.

You need to have good audience research and what they want by interacting with them. It would be of no use to create content and nobody would read it.

Once you have your expertise nailed down, you’ll be able to combine the knowledge with your audience data to come up with all kinds of content topics, ones that are in your target.

2. Who you’re targeting

Before creating or posting any content, first try to know who is your audience, their age, gender, interest, and what they would like to know. These are the tips that would help you to keep your content engaging and optimizing-

  • providing what are your current customers need and analyzing them
  • checking out the competition and the target audience – providing the content for each group of audience
  • showcase the benefits of your products and service to the audience.
  • Ask questions and conduct surveys, it will help you to know what your audience needs

3. One target, two goals- Finding keywords that will hit your topic as well as your target audience.

Recall the things that I have said to you, that is not to forget the keywords.

Keywords are the most elementary and the funding level of your content. The more you will use keywords in your content, the more it will be visible to the audience.

Here are some of the ways-

  • Search the term that falls under your niche or topic.
  • Go through the keywords, see the questions of Quora or Reddit.
  • Draw a rough draft of your content, and then re-correct it till it satisfies you.
  • Use tools to make your content mistakes-free.

4. Optimizing Intelligently

Optimize intelligently to make sure you could grab every chance for search engines to rank your content. That must include things like:

Using your target keyword in the H1, H2s, and meta description.

Making your content relevant, high-value, and comprehensive.

Sticking to a consistent publishing schedule, and giving little extra information to the audience.

5.Always publish on your website

After all this you need a platform to show your content, I would suggest you buy a domain and show your content there and build it. You could use other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Medium, etc, but there is no guarantee that people would only see your content.

As other social platforms are very much saturated and millions of users are using them, it is very reliable that you might lose your audience due to distraction. Moreover, you could not earn better in the Proprietary platforms.


I think you have understood what is needed and whatnot. I hope you could work on these points and tips to get maximum benefits.